Simply refreshing products can add a touch of elegance to their lives.
We aspire to introduce attractive products from around the world to as many people as possible.
By encouraging the use of these products, we aim to support individuals in adding a "color" to their own lives.

Our business scope is based on "VOICE" of panel member in Trust One group.


Test Marketing

Prior to the launch of a new product or service, we will conduct a survey of our monitoring members to obtain objective feedback, which will provide you with material to determine whether or not to enter the market through crowdfunding.

Support through Two Methods: Internet Research and Crowdfunding

Internet research

This is a method in which the target audience is asked to respond to a questionnaire online.
Please consult with us to set up the questions according to the content you wish to collect.


We use domestic crowdfunding platform such as Makuake, Campfire etc.. and the sales result willl and responce will be used as a basis for subsequent market entry decisions. We can also help you create a crowdfunding project page that meets the needs of Japanese consumers.

*We can also provide internet research only or crowdfunding service only.

Business matching

If you decide to enter the Japanese market as a result of our internet research and crowdfunding, we will also support you in business matching with Japanese companies that deal with your products and services.

For companies facing these issues

  • When entering the Japanese market, you want to assess the acceptance of your company's products in the local market.
  • You want to minimize the risks associated with launching a new product.
  • Prior to the release of a new product, you want to gauge customer acceptance.
  • Before launching a new business, you want to understand if the market will be receptive.
  • You want to identify potential target markets.

Research & Promotion

The target audience is screened from among our panel members, and Internet research is conducted.At the same time, we promote your products and services to these targets.
By conducting research on products or services, it is possible to gain insights into customer behavior (hidden consumer psychology). Simultaneously, disseminating information through channels such as 'Voice Club' (a site for over 25,000 registered panel members), email newsletters, and various social media platforms can enhance the awareness of products or services.

For companies facing these issues

  • You aim to achieve increased awareness for your products and brand.
  • You want to acquire new customers and target audiences.
  • You seek to obtain objective opinions on your products through data.
  • You aim to identify areas for improvement in your products, creating opportunities for enhancement.
  • You want a way to differentiate your products from competitor.

Import & Goods sales

Our company engages in contracts as a sales distributor for some companies wishing to import and sell their products in the Japanese market.
We provide support for domestic sales through our own e-commerce shop WIZ COLOR
*This service is primarily offered to assist foreign companies.

Additionally, we conduct surveys among our panel members and utilize the collected opinions to contribute to product development.

Past cases

For companies facing these issues

  • You want to enter the Japanese market but do not have the resources.
  • You want to sell your products in Japan as a distributor.


Reasons to Choose Us

We provide meticulous services through collaboration with our group companies.

Our panel members encompass a diverse range of hobbies and preferences, spanning from individuals in their teens to those in their eighties. This diversity ensures a high response rate and quality.

From test marketing to promotions and entering the Japanese market, we offer end-to-end solutions.

With a 20-year history of trust and accomplishment in marketing research, we provide reliable support, even for first-time research.

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Company Information


Trust One Service Co., Ltd.


12 December 2006


Daisuke Yamashita



Business scope

Test Marketing / Research&Promotion / Import&Goods sales


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